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“Seeing women of all shapes and sizes practice Yoga is amazing! Daybreak Yoga offers a practice that incorporates all of who I am as a woman, a mother, activist, and soul searcher!!!”
— Roschelle Ogbuji

A light on a hill...

Daybreak Yoga is a place for all people to practice yoga. It is a light on a hill. A space for those who may not have felt accepted elsewhere. An open door to the reluctant yogi. A community for anyone who is looking to connect with other like-minded yogis. And yes, that means you.

We at Daybreak Yoga welcome the seasoned and the novice practitioner. We believe that through guidance and support, we can all grow in our yoga practice. The postures of yoga can be difficult but should not be hard. It can be uncomfortable but should never hurt. It should be a challenge but not impossible. Yes, even you can do it!

“Dawn teaches so differently than any other yoga instructor I’ve had. She know my limitations, yet is positively encouraging me to go “just a little more”. I’ve learned so much about myself through her classes. When you finish a “Dawn class”, you’ve had a complete physical and mental workout.”
— Cindy Courtright

Bringing sunshine to the city through yoga

Daybreak Yoga can be a light in a dark place. Yogis feel accepted and comfortable here. They are supported and encouraged to try a yoga pose they have only dreamed of in the past. This light recognizes light in others. It bows to that light and promises never to extinguish it.    

When you take a class at Daybreak Yoga, you are joining a community. Your journey can be shared with others because they will support you as you grow. Make Daybreak Yoga your new home for practicing yoga.

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“Dawn is a great yogi! She explains the positions in detail and provides an atmosphere where it is easy to learn. The location is easy to get to...I will definitely take to more classes.”
— Carla M. Wainwright