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LaToya Adams-Ferguson

My fitness journey began in 2005, when I made the decision to get healthy.  I joined a local bootcamp styled gym and lost 65 pounds in 5 ½ months.  A year later I became a group fitness instructor at the same gym to motivate others to reach their fitness goals.  My quest did not end there as I wanted to learn more about the mind body connection and heard of yoga.  I sought out a local yoga studio and took my first Power Vinyasa class, fell in love and my yoga journey began.  I practiced yoga for 18 months and completed my 200- hour yoga teacher training certification at Cleveland Yoga in 2011.  I was trained in the Baptiste style of Power Vinyasa Yoga.  

Since becoming a certified yoga teacher, I continued to teach cardio classes, then added barre fitness classes to the mix.  Yoga is a journey; once it becomes part of your life, and you stray away, you will always find your way back.  I am pursuing my 500hr Yoga Teacher training certification also in the Baptiste style of Yoga.

My style of teaching is a calm storm.  Expect to be challenged and have fun, as you are guided through your practice to a new edge.  My goal is to create a safe space for students to explore what’s possible, connect with self, heal, practice self-love, and body awareness, as you quiet the mind to find ease in every pose.  The power that exists within you begins to manifest itself outward.  

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Daphne Ivory-Bey

“I had tried a lot of other types of mentally calming things like going to church, counseling, self-help books, and talking to my friends,” she says. “Yoga seemed like it would work because I didn’t see anything else working.” Daphne soon discovered that yoga had its advantages.

“I practice yoga every day” says Daphne. “I practice alone and in a class, because yoga is not a destination. It literally is a practice. It’s something that you do, and it’s strictly for you. It’s not for anyone else. The more you do, the better you get. The physical fitness through yoga is actually a by-product of the emotional calmness and the focus you gain just by listening to your instructor, listening to your body, listening to the breathing, paying attention to yourself, going inward to get the power that you need, and yet having a power greater than yourself, even focusing in on the God that you serve. You know, whatever is greater than you. All of this focus is necessary just to be able to put one foot in front of the other.” From Huffington Post

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Ebony Rollins

Namaste yogis! I have been a student of various forms of yoga since 2013 but became certified in vinyasa from Chagrin Yoga in June of 2015. Though I am able to deliver a power-based class, my passions lie with restorative and slow-flow. Enough of the world is hustle and bustle so we all could use more time to slow down and check in with ourselves. I seek to reach the hearts of many by ensuring them yoga is truly for everybody; no matter your range of ability, background or knowledge, yoga meets you where you are. My teaching style remains true to the translation of "yoga,” and unifies body, mind, and spirit while providing a safe and gentle environment. I welcome students with an open mind while striving to grow with and through them.  


Mashell Lawson

Mashell Lawson is a yoga teacher trainee. She initially went to training because she wanted to get a better understanding of yoga as she addressed her stress and anxiety. During her journey, she learned to fall in love with herself, daily, and simply breath through every moment of life. Through her reflections, she remembered the discomfort of her initial experience with yoga.  

In 2013, Mashell tried some yoga classes at both a local yoga studio and a franchise gym. No one spoke, not even the teacher, and there was no one who looked like her – a plus-sized curvy woman of color. After a couple of times at each place, she never went back and simply put the idea of yoga out of her head, thinking that maybe yoga wasn’t for her. At the time, she thought it was focused on gaining flexibility, so she just found other activities to do.

Fast forward to 2018 the stress and anxiety began to affect her daily life. She still didn’t know much about yoga, but she knew that it could help her cope, so she found a program & studio that was warm and welcoming, then she enrolled in yoga teacher training. Mashell decided to enroll in a YTT program (instead of simply practicing) because she didn’t want to just “do” yoga – she wanted to understand it. Through the training, she fell in love with the emotional transformation she was making and her ability to cope in a healthy manner.

Her lightbulb went off! Although she’d initially enrolled in YTT for personal reasons, she had a desire to add value to the community. Her experiences made her want to offer an inclusive space that was safe – a space where practitioners felt comfortable, welcome, supported. She wanted women to see someone who looks like them at the front of the room. That’s when she decided to teach and travel the journey with others as they find their inner peace and balance.


Shayla Smith

When I began practicing yoga in 2015, I was looking to access the physical benefits such as flexibility, balance and strength. I didn’t realize that yoga is more than just a physical way of being. With ongoing and consistent practice, I began to notice a shift in my outlook and perception of people, places and situations.  Not only was my body undergoing a transformation but also my mind and spirit. I was creating and fostering the ability to be flexible with calm to changing situations and gaining inner balance and inner strength. I have found that my daily practice has truly changed every aspect of my life in someway and brings continuous opportunities to discover some new piece of myself that I had not considered before.

The enlightenment that came from yoga created a desire in me to deepen my understanding and practice of yoga, which is why I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in March 2019 at Cleveland Yoga. The best yoga teachers are those who keep an open mind to continue to learn. 

My passion is to help others feel their best by supporting the body, mind and spirit through yoga. I strive to create a safe and all inclusive space for everyone to explore, practice and understand yoga. I emphasize the importance of mindful movement, creating empowerment and exploring possibility by being present and physical on your mat. 

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