All are welcome

At Daybreak Yoga, we practice a vinyasa flow but we may also slow it down. We build on poses to ensure everyone is comfortable and find a level that is optimal for their practice. The desire is not to perfect yoga, just to practice.


Vinyasa yoga is a popular style of yoga that is taught in most studios or gyms around the greater Cleveland area.  The Sanskrit word Vinyasa means the movement between poses, typically accompanied by regulated breathing. Breaking the word down further, nyasa means "to place things" and vi means "in a special way," therefore vinyasa yoga is a purposeful flowing practice. The fluid movements can be memorized and done as a moving meditation, almost like a dance.

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Dawn was very personable. She's dedicated to her craft, women's health and empowerment. And she looks just like me…

— Sharon Hampton Luke


Bringing light to Cleveland through Yoga

Dawn is amazing and you can tell she is passionate about helping everyone feel comfortable doing yoga no matter where you’re at in your practice.
— Siobhan Sudberry

You can do anything for five breaths. You can hold a standing pose. You can pause before you speak or answer. You can sit quietly and focus your mind. Yoga is about gaining confidence in the asana practice, cultivating your breath while becoming your best self. 

Your Own Growing Awareness


"Dawn is an incredible instructor. Warm and welcoming, she makes everyone feel comfortable and confident in their practice. I will  be attending her classes regularly." 

-Leah Roberts Willis